Monday, November 27, 2006

stuff n stuff

i'd noticed it before, but i guess i'm just really realizing that Microsoft has upgraded Hotmail free user storage to 1GB. Go Google and Yahoo!, especially Google! i remember a time i never checked my Hotmail because of the measly 2MB storage which was never enough because i got the most junk mail there, of all my free email accounts. i only kept the account because of MSN instant messaging. even my Operamail account was far more useful than the Hotmail, even though they had about the same capacity (Hotmail 2MB, Operamail 3MB). i can't remember how many times i had to reactivate the account. i guess that's why they say competition is a good thing. i do hope people will keep Microsoft on their toes. it'll make things more interesting, and it pays the end users too :D.

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