Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Maybe I should give up blogging. Like, I don't update that often anyway, so maybe I should. Whatever, dude.

Finally got my biodata entry app for the biodata forms completed. The hard part was getting to use PyQt — I'd never used it before then. The installer for Windows comes with Designer, but I used Qt Creator to create the UI. First time ever using it this year, too. Or ever, come to think of it. M seemed interested in the app at first, but got hijacked by the anime bug. The (unofficial) Tsafe anime club has currently waded through both Code Geass and History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, among other, more spotty but equally dubious 'achievements'.

I've recently made a number of bad decisions in a bid to enjoy life some more. Inclusive among them was installing and using apps like Opera Mobile and Fring. They've eaten deep into my airtime. I don't get how Opera Mini manages data so well, and Opera Mobile forgets the second part of its name. Bolt wins by default now, since the beta supports tabs and I can tweet, blog or do anything else with it without paying through my nose for it.

Sleep's pressing in hard...I've got to tidy this up. It's hot here. It's so hot now I'm lying under the not-currently-visible stars. The water in the room is quite warm - not what you'd want to come back to after baking ubder the sun.

I'm now a WordPress fan. After trying to develop a website for the nth time (unsucessfully, even with a working PHP framework; Symfony 1.4.1 generated invalid code at some point following the 'Jobeet' tutorial), I tried out WordPress locally. It's been a joy to use. I guess I'd better polish those rusty web design skills, because my major work for this long overdue project will be to create suitable themes. Well, I'd better move my mat before the ants changed their mind and take me to see their queen. Night.

Friday, April 02, 2010


I must say it's nice to be editing my blog again. March was — in many respects — a tough month for me. Orientation camp came around again, and since my local government hosts, I was occupied. Other things followed, but the main stem was related to the camp.

In the last month, I completed Brian Sanderson's Warbreaker, book one of The Morcyth Saga, & the first two books of David Eddings' The Elenium. I played with Python & MongoDb, fooled around with PyS60, had my internet subscription run out, attended NCCF orientation camp meetings … so why do I have this feeling of dissatisfaction?

Well, here's to Jesus, and us all: Happy Easter!