Saturday, May 12, 2012

Look where you're going!

He looked really angry. I've no idea what whoever it was did to him. All I know is that it didn't warrant his walking into the road without looking. And I was on a motorbike heading his way. "Look where you're going!", I said. And that should have been that. A warning issued, potential disaster averted. But for some reason, the incident struck me as being immensely profound.

Before you dismiss me as being a couple of Fruit Loops shy of a full bowl, allow me a moment to ask: what does the statement, "look where you're going" mean? A cautionary admonition to pay attention to what one is doing, perhaps? Maybe. Someone once quoted me (whether correctly or not, I can't tell — in all honesty) as saying that men have eyes in front of their heads because they are meant to be looking and facing forward. Yet everyday we run into people who annoy us because they are distracted and they aren't looking where they're going.

But on an even deeper level, what are you looking at? Is it going to help you on the way to your desired destination? On what are your thoughts fixed? What are your consistent behaviour patterns? What are you full of? What (uncensored) words consistently pour out of your mouth?

I had to ask myself some of these questions, and it wasn't pretty. I'm working on changing myself from the inside out. What about you?