Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm actually blogging from my computer again. Yes, I went and re-subscribed for one month more of Glo's high-speed internet package. Except, of course, it's not even speedy, not to talk of high-speed. I'm still averaging 1kB/s with it. And Glo apparently forgot they had an open ticket with my complaint of ultra low-speed internet, even though I complained over a month ago.

Today has been a rather depressing day. Must have something to do with the fact that I didn't spend time praying before I launched into the day. My external harddisk has been acting up, almost all my students failed their Social Studies tests (I'd say less than 2% 'passed', if the low-expectation borderline I've been instructed to use means 'pass'), I wasted a great deal of the day attending to nonessentials, and finally have to stop working with Symfony, unless someone can tell me what's wrong with my setup. I'm using XAMPP 1.73, and I got Symfony 1.4.1 and have been working through the Jobeet tutorial. However, when I try to generate the SQL using symfony doctrine:build --sql command, I realized that the previous command (symfony doctrine:build --model) had generated invalid PHP code on my machine, so the subsequent command failed. Can't seem to find anyone with this same problem, and since my link is too slow to fix the image I tried to upload to show the invalid generated code, I'll be signing off here so I can get my butt kicked in either Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow or Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. I had to give up the former because the fifth seal has proven impossible to do with a mouse (yes, I'm using an emulator. No, I don't own a Nintendo DS, nor am I proud of the fact that I'm playing using illegal ROM images) so far, and I'm currently not in the mood for pain (Death whipped my butt the last time I took him on in DoS, and I don't think I want to repeat that pain just yet). Anyhow, time's a-wasting. good night!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Draw a goat

The assignment was the title of this post. The class was Primary 3. The results were...well, see for yourself:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

St. Val's day blues

Hello again. Haven't updated this rag here in a while — about a little over two weeks, in fact. Part of the reasons include plain laziness, dissatisfaction with the way I enter text on my phone (even though I choose it myself), occupation with other issues, & dissatisfaction with my mobile blogging experience, among others.

Plus, it's St. Valentine's day. Merely the thought alone is sufficient to give me the blues. I just got back my copy of Chip Ingram's Love, Sex & Lasting Relationships, was browsing through it last night for the first time & read the introduction.

Chip asks in the introduction what caught your eye about the book. Was it the cover photo of a couple rubbing noses together on a windswept beach? Do you want to trade places with one of them? And I realized that, yes, I do (I think whoever the male model for the cover photo is, he's a lucky bugger. She's hawt).

Quite on the contrary, my experience has been anything but <insert appropriate adjective here>. Except for a short, very misguided & exceptionally disastrous foray into the murky waters of a wrong relationship with someone else's girlfriend, I've basically been on my own. As a couple of friends & I would quip, I've been playing the game, but no touchdown. Even the amorphous 'relationship' I was venturing into seems ill-fated now (apparently I have been fishing in someone else's pond; the trouble with that is that the fish are almost certainly copyrighted & you never know if the waters are shark-infested. Let those who understand hold their peace, & those who don't seek enlightenment. 'nuff said).

So it's St. Val's day & I'm without a date, generally dissatisfied with the women around me & probably too cynical to like any of them romantically without being threatened, drugged, hypnotized and drunk all at the same time (or God showed up physically & spoke in a baritone voice. Don't get me wrong — lots of nice ladies here, but I'm looking for a certain, mostly indescribable more; the people who have it are thin on the ground & are largely unavailable. And can some tell me why it has to be a baritone voice? I'm sure the same God who gave Mel Blanc lots of voices can do many, many voices too).

Anyhow, I'm drifting to the conclusion that I'm barking up the wrong tree (don't I always) & have been spinning wheels for as long as I can remember (that's a nice way of saying being very active, but completely ineffective. It goes nowhere. The imagery is one of a rodent in a cage with a wheel in it. It may run & spin the wheel, but won't get anywhere. Much like a treadmill. Apologies to my readers who already know all this stuff. I just want to make sure we're all on the same page here). I've dabbled into development, design, 3D & even digital music production (I really suck at this last one, yet for some reason I don't want to give it up. Probably emotional, since I have over 8GB of production-related software on my harddisk, mostly VST plugins. Can someone please come and download sense into my skull? I've even begun dabbling into Flex — last night — & if left alone long enough, Air). For all my dabbling, I've nothing to show. All this has to stop. Why do I get so easily distracted? Why don't I have fewer things I'm good at? Why don't I have results consistent with my ability? Argh!

Anyhow, rant over (for now). Dishes need to be done, & I've texts to send, plans to make, and so on. Later. Enjoy Val's day either single or with someone. You're someone of value, so treat yourself that way.