Monday, April 18, 2011

A not-so-quiet afternoon with Mr Baby

After going to my polling unit to vote on Saturday, I got saddled with Mr Baby, who, in typical fashion, was having trouble being convinced by his body that he was overdue for sleep. As such, we had some fun together (or so I’d like to think). Anyhow, please enjoy!


Mr Baby (re-)discovers my mouse. I discover my afternoon has been disturbed.


Dude, are you sure you’re interested in Java Enterprise Edition? Why don’t we do something fun, like splash water on a working voltage regulator (I kid you not)?


Yup. Java EE. Contexts & Dependency Injection.


Now look what you done! You done broke it! This mouse ain’t mousing!


Now, I have to fix it! What have you to say for yourself?


Fixing in progress. Do NOT disturb. Unless you want me to bust out my kung-fu.


Are you sure you didn’t use the cable for something else? It still isn’t mousing.



When all else fails, I have to use that method. And don’t look at me like that. You broke it,  not I.


Let’s see what this Java EE thing is all about, anyway. No, I don’t need your input. I know exactly what I’m doing.


Why don’t you clean your laptop? Now I have to spit-shine it (yes, that’s actual drool on the touchpad).


Java EE is boring! So let’s go do something fun, like wrestle alligators.


I bet you’re jealous that I can wash my car right in the house and you can’t (this was right after the water-splashing incident. There was a bowl full of water on that stool. Thank God for mercy).