Saturday, November 04, 2006

Inkscape driving me up the wall

so far, so good. i've been using Inkscape for some time now, and it's been impressive. my main beef with it, however, is the fact that the latest Windows release (0.44) doesn't support OpenType or Postscript (Type1) fonts. in my experience, Type1 fonts look much better than the equivalent TrueType fonts. this means that as for now, any OpenType or Type1 font i get is basically wasted as far as vector graphics is concerned...hmmm...i remember something about a faulty pango (i guess this is a library used for text or something) DLL. maybe if i copy the one for the Gimp to the Inkscape install folder something good will happen,,,for more information about the bug, please click here. UPDATE: renaming the DLL worked, because i already had the GTK 2.8 runtime installed for the Gimp, and it uses a higher version of Pango than the version that came with Inkscape.

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