Friday, October 05, 2012

Why I don’t need a woman

Since my breakup about two months ago, I've been told several times that I need a woman in my life, by various people — friends, relatives…an opinion I disagree with. For the following reasons:

  • I did a pretty sucky job of being a boyfriend last time out. I'm still in the process of determining what I need to adjust or change. Allow a brother some space, please?
  • it's past 3am and I'm just having "dinner". In comes woman, out goes freedom to do that. J didn't even like me eating late (which is a very good thing).
  • I can't eat a woman. It's a crime.
  • I occupy the same planet with something between 3 to 4 billion natural human females. Let's say just one billion of them are physically mature adults. "Supply" already far outstrips any possible "demand".
  • it could be argued that I'm carrying a torch for J. Torch-carrying is an ancient and noble tradition that allows one see when the lights are out, say in a cave or something. Never underestimate the importance of having light. If we could estimate the cost in stubbed toes, skinned knees and worse, we'd realize it's no laughing matter.
  • loneliness is no reason to be in a relationship. I've seen firsthand the damage loneliness can cause in a relationship. If I'm lonely, I'd best fix it while I'm single instead of making two people miserable.
  • I've three sisters, a stepmother, one colleague, and maybe a handful of people following me on Twitter, not to mention all the Facebook friends. Is that not enough?
  • being in a relationship merely gives more expression to what's buried inside you. It's not a magical cure-all for personal baggage. You're a lot more likely to simply discover your baggage in one.
  • let's say - for argument sake — that I indeed "get" a woman. They vary from tolerable to incredibly beautiful, but you can't wear them. They need food, water, clothing (won't be sharing mine in general, and I don't own any bras). They require time, attention, effort and money, among other things. As I have just discovered Bleach ended six months ago and I didn't know, I already have a backlog of things to do, never mind females.
  • I can't keep one in my room. No space, and I doubt any would like to hang like a wall fixture or something.
  • they have a tendency to take over your life (or at least want to). See above Bleach anecdote.
  • the point. I'm slowly picking up the bits of my life (hey! That LSB's mine!) in different life areas. So I get a woman in my life. As what? Friend? Have a few of those. Colleague? Also covered. Relative? Check, check, check. "girlfriend" should be a temporary status, a layover or pit stop kind of thing. It shouldn't remain for too long. I thought I wanted to get married to J, but right now, many fish to fry.
  • I'm already not getting any. And kinda got used to it. No, I'm not a casual sex kinda guy (lots of time in church seems to have done that). That stuff is destructive.
I really could add other stuff, but that's just what I thought of off the top of my head. Seriously, if you really know me, why aren't you warning women about me instead of saying I need a woman in my life?

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