Saturday, June 16, 2012

Scam aimed at GTBank customers

Earlier on today, I got an email that appeared at first blush to be from the Guaranty Electronic Notification System (GENS). It had a HTML attachment, and immediately seemed suspect to my mind. Instead of opening the attachment, I decided to download it and take a look at the internals.

First off, let's have a look-see at the email itself:

Now, this is what it looks like in my browser:

But look at what it reveals under the hood:

After filling it out, it goes to a remarkable likeness of the GTBank site:

Here's a screenshot of the real GTBank site

There are various differences between the clone and the original. Some differences exist, however. For one, the "Internet Banking" section is on the left on the clone, but on the right on the original. Furthermore, it's hard to ignore the gigantic ad on the right of the clone, and though it doesn't show in the screenshot, the clone has the address "" in the address/omnibar.

Caveat recipient. Don't fill out anything you get in your email. Always confirm first from a bank branch at the very least before blindly submitting information on the internet.

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Gochi said...

Geez bloody tyrants.