Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Deep diving

Seems the last few weeks have had me push things. I recently got a MacBook Pro, which, for me being a longtime PC user (almost exclusively Windows, and on my crazy days, Linux) prior to getting it, was a major adjustment. There are little annoyances (in Chrome for OS X, like Chrome for Windows and Linux, Control-Enter (Return for purists) completes text in the address bar/omnibox with 'www.' and '.com'; for Firefox on OS X, it's Command-Return instead) and somewhat larger annoyances (I keep looking for Home and End keys). In both my personal (a loved one lost a friend on Sunday) and professional life (after doing Python web dev in Django, I'm trying to tackle a personal project in Flask/CherryPy/Tornado — please excuse the analysis paralysis — with SQLAlchemy; and the learning curve seems steep compared with Django).

But it's a good, even great, thing. Because it means I've a chance to cut the cruft. To grow. Not to get stuck. To make a difference. And I'm grateful for it.

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