Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On trust

Sorry about the short post. My brain is about to quit on me and go to sleep. It’s jes’ pure, cussed stubbornness that’s keeping me going right about now. That, and I’d like to see how succinctly I can summarize a point (I’d like to be like Teju Cole, who tells interesting stories in 140 characters or less. He has mastered using Twitter, in my opinion)

I was chatting with my special lady today, and I wanted her to do something for me. She said she would, but for some reason I felt like asking her to confirm it. I realized that itch was my lack of trust in people in general coming to the fore (when you’ve been shot at several times, unless you intend to die, you learn to move away when you see an archer), but that it was a really bad seed to sow into our relationship. Right there, I had to tell myself that if I needed her to trust my words, then I needed to do the same to her.

Who do you need to trust today? Who needs you trusting them today? Think about it, and look for relationships where distrust is carrying over into, and potentially ruining.

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I agree with you totally. Trust is never looking back to check... Ask for it, Expect it. She says it, Believe it! "Love believes all things", the Bible says.