Sunday, August 16, 2009

Logging in from Zamfara

man, it's been forever, twice that & a half since i last updated this blog. Partly due to each of: pure laziness, internet issues, & my posting for youth service coming up.

Annoying bugs won't let me post this by my phone (12:44am here, with no power) so i'll be going offline till later. Shower time — i can choose to do it in the rain or use my hard-earned water (i know you're green with envy ;)!


Aken said...

Nice to hear from you from afar. I was just going to dis you but then you pulled it off. You blogged from Zamfara! That is creepy, so, so creepy. Zamfara...Northern Nigeria... Boko Haram... Internet Connection?

Hope you enjoy NYSC. Pray you don't though. Camp is hell and the Scheme is a joke but eh, ...

You blogged from Zamfara! What-in-the-world!

dade said...

WHAT!!! Zamfara! U most have foes in high places!