Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I's back!

man, i have to stop watching movies like the last two i watched. there's no way i won't tear up if i keep this up. just to be clear, the last two movies i watched are Fireproof and A Walk to Remember. and i watched them after completing Midori no Hibi — my sentiment meter is now sky high :(

and yeah, i's back. as a friend said, hear me RAWR! apparently, NYSC didn't quite pan out as expected, and i'm still around till August. was in school about 3 weeks back to pick up my posting and all that. i nicknamed the place i was staying 'Australia', cause it was far away from school area (Staff Quarters, Road 24, for those of you in the know). couple that with the fact that school was basically empty due to strike actions by different bodies, and the script for my personal pain and discomfort during my stay is complete. the only ride i could count on getting was Ye Olde Legedez Benz, in pouring rain and burning sun. am i glad to be back home. being in school did have its benefits, like hanging out with some friends i'd not seen in a while.

i know of at least 4 weddings of friends taking place within the next 3 months. gah. i swear i sometimes feel like there's something wrong with me. where's my babe? she is so going to get a talking to when she manifests — why in the world is she keeping me waiting? (knowing women though, she'll probably manage to convince me that it's my fault for not 'declaring'). i reserve to right to not be family at any person's wedding. plenty family clothes to buy if i don't reserve that right.

my stand on football (read: soccer) varies from passive tolerance to active dislike. the last match i watched from beginning to end was the Atlanta '96 football final between Brazil and Nigeria. and i don't remember (or care) who scored and whatnot. but my friend's football-oriented social site, Gamen11 is up. so if you like football, register, spread the word and all that. and away from me, if you please, or i will assume you left your mind in the other room. i like my friend more than i dislike football, but i really don't like football, so there.

well, it's past 4am here and i haven't slept all night, so i'll be suspending everything at this point. except of course for the shout-outs. i got a text from a friend saying that he was grateful that i'd impacted someone's life because the person was now helping him out tremendously. everyone is a product of all the relationships they've had and the information they've obtained, or so i'm told, so i want to shout out to God, for being God and not quitting or going on vacation, my family, friends over the years — if anyone appreciates me, it's because you all were there. so thank you. i really, truly appreciate you. later

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