Sunday, July 22, 2007

i wish i had another blog

yo! long time, no blogging. maybe because exams are upon me. exams should be classified as a disease. you should say "i have exams" in about the same way you'd say "i have a bad cold". effects are the same too. loss of sense of humour for one.

recently, Woody asked me how many people know my blog. i wish nobody knew it. then i could write pretty much whatever i please in it, and not be concerned about reactions. but it is kinda hard to write wholeheartedly about someone when they most likely will end up reading it, especially if it puts you in a less-than-excellent light and they're important to you. daga, i still own this blog. creating another one will be a hassle.

a completely unrelated development is i may be in danger of becoming a pervert soon, since i have taken to watching fansubbed episodes of History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, or as we call it in my room, our friendly neighbourhood perverted cartoon. dude, that series is very funny. it's rapidly outshining Bleach and Naruto as our most loved anime series. anyway, haven't had much sleep, so i doff my hat and down my pen (or keyboard) right here. sayonara!

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