Friday, July 06, 2007

Choosing an editor

i'm working on a project that requires a CMS, and i'm still unsure if i should code my own engine, or use a preexisting one. and if i code a custom CMS, i'll be needing a rich, JavaScript-based editor so that it's easier to generate standards-compliant pages (why should anyone know XHTML, simply because they want to add a news item?) when new content is added.

so far, i've taken a look at two: TinyMCE and FCKEditor. i also know about Kupu, but haven't looked at it. of the two i've tried, i'm seriously tempted to use FCKEditor. it's really like using Microsoft Word (pre-2007), and you can control the complexity of the editor (how many features are usable). the advantage i think it has over TinyMCE is that you can use it to upload images directly to the server, unlike TinyMCE requiring you to know the full path to the image you want to include. in its favour, TinyMCE seems smaller and less likely to overwhelm users - even with a full feature set. for both, however, i think the documentation is definitely lacking. in my experience, while most people have no problem with wiki-based documentation, i'm more offline than not - meaning that wikified documentation is at best, difficult for me to use. ah well.

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