Saturday, February 23, 2013

Looking at what goes in

Just this morning, I sat down to get some work done, and wanted to get a drink. I opened the fridge, and something like this greeted me:

I initially thought it was because I didn't get my glasses, but it's rather clear that most of the bottles of water have a decided blue tint to them. In fact, only the second bottle from the left on the top row – the one closest to the light – is unsealed. It's probably been refilled from the (faulty) water dispenser.

I'm not sure how the factory achieved the blue look, but I have to ask myself, is it really safe for consumption? And it's got me thinking a little more about what I take in, and not just in the way of food and drink, either. Who has my ear? What has caught my eye? What am I thinking about? And is any of it safe for consumption?

To be clear, I've nothing for – or against – the water bottling company. They just happened to be a (decidedly graphic) platform for the last paragraph.

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