Friday, September 23, 2011


I really should get into the habit of writing daily, though I'd rather not always do it on this blog. But it has been a while since I last blogged, and even longer since I used the web interface to do so (I'm really sorry if you post a comment and it takes a while for it to show up - I moderate comments, but since I rarely use the web interface and use Windows Live Writer instead, I usually don't remember people actually comment on my posts).

In garnering motivation to write daily, I've some from a most unusual source - Poppy Disney, who authored the photoblog What I Wore Today (now just an archive). She isn't the kind of person I would be interested in 'normally', but I read her story and was particularly struck by the fact that no matter how tired or ill she was, she would drag herself to post daily. That kind of commitment, rare in the world today, has helped her make a business out of her blog. It's even more awesome if you consider that for about a year, it didn't look like a business would grow from her interest.

between my phone, Opera Mini and Blogger's new interface, I'm really getting stressed out, so it's quits for now. Later

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