Thursday, June 21, 2007

a cursory look at Safari

&;p> after using Safari a bit, here are some things i've noticed:
  • it supports SVG (haven't tested it myself), but while it supports web page and image drag-n-drop, it doesn't seem to do so for SVG files. a minus, as far as i'm concerned. Firefox doesn't much care what file type you drop on its window - if it can't open it, it'll offer to download it. considering i was only trying to test SVG support, and i hate double-clicking on any file (call me paranoid) to open it, this is a big minus. i mean, the other browers i used as a reference actually displayed the text of a Wavefront OBJ file. Safari just displayed the "no way, Jose" cursor.
    to be said for it though, its SVG support isn't that bad - though i think it could do with some work. Firefox and Opera beat it hands down in rendering some SVG effects. still, it's a ways better than IE's rendering the actual code of the SVG.
  • no, i was not just sounding off, i actually cannot change the proxy settings in the preferences. that's great for when i'm at home and have no proxy. it's however going to be a problem when i get back to school - if i choose to use Safari
  • i finally found the Safari equivalent of Firefox's "Clear private data". it's the Edit -> Reset Safari... menuitem.
  • it seems Safari supports text DnD. i like it, because if i use a sensible editor like SciTE, i can author my blog posts offline and DnD them into the post editor, instead of copy-and-paste.
  • i haven't got Safari to crash yet. i must be doing normal stuff - that means i'm doing something wrong.
  • i'm sure it's not just me. i hover over the username field on the Blogger home page, and the cursor is a hand. seriously. it seems okay over other text fields, however.
  • i don't know that the use of the OSX LnF inside a Windows application is a really good idea.
  • what keyboard shortcut do you use to cycle tabs?
  • some text i was entering in here magically didn't get submitted with the form...
  • the way Safari pops up messages is wicked cool. the scrolling is awesome!
  • what? no fancy highlighting or tooltips for elements with a title attribute? i can't see my acronym meanings!
well, so far, if i find anything nice or nasty, maybe i'll remember to update this...

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